Psychoeducational Evaluation

Jewell Psychological Services is able to provide evaluation services for a variety of academic problems or situations. Below is a list of these services. Fees must be paid at the time of the initial appointment and we accept cash or check. Unfortunately we cannot accept credit or debit card payments or insurance payment.To set up an initial appointment, call 618-910-8309.

Assessment of memory and learning

  • When a child struggles in school, it is often helpful to administer a test of memory and learning.
  • This testing will provide information on the child’s immediate and long term memory for both auditory as well as visual stimuli.
  • Additional data on a child’s ability to learn visual and auditory material after a single or multiple trials will be gained.
  • Specific recommendations for parents and teachers will be given based on the information gained on the test in order to improve teaching effectiveness for the child.

Early Entry into Kindergarten

  • Many children barely miss the cutoff for Kindergarten. Parents may consider having their child assessed for early entry into Kindergarten if they believe their child has the social maturity and intellectual functioning to do so.
  • School districts vary in the tests that they require for determining early entry into kindergarten.
  • As such, fees will vary based on the tests required.