Quick tip #2 to improve child compliance

Here’s another quick tip for getting your child to do what you say. If you seem to have the most difficulty getting your kid to do what you ask, I often find that parents start by asking their kid to do something that is the most objectionable to them (like going to bed when they don’t want to –¬†or putting toys away when they are still playing). One way to ‘train’ your child to comply, is by asking them to do things that they would typically want to do anyway. The trick here is repetition. So let’s go through an example. Let’s say your child likes to play board games (like Candyland). Tell them, “Hey, let’s play a game…Go pick out one you’d like to play.” As they get the game (and before they bring it to you), say “Great, bring that game over here.” When they do so, again say “OK, pull out all of the pieces so we can play.” And so on. In a simple interaction with the two of you playing a game, you can give them dozens of commands. This should be relatively easy for them to follow, because you are telling them to do something they want to do, or were about to do anyway. If you make this a habit in your daily life, they will slowly become used to following your commands, and compliance should improve when you ask them to do things that are not quite as pleasing to them (like brushing their teeth, etc.). And remember quick tip #1 – don’t ‘ask’ them to do something, give them a command.

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