Dr. Jewell, in collaboration with Dr. Steve Hupp, created the Behaviors & Attitudes Drinking & Driving Scale (BADDS), which has been distributed internationally since 2007 by the SASSI Institute. The BADDS is an evidence-based psychological questionnaire that measures attitudes, behaviors, and likelihood related to drinking and driving. The BADDS can be used at a single point in time as a risk assessment tool or in a pre/post fashion to assess intervention effectiveness. The BADDS has been translated into four languages other than English for research purposes and is currently being sold throughout the world. Beginning in 2012, administration of the BADDS is required in all DUI cases in the Canadian province of Quebec as well.

For more information on the BADDS, visit the official BADDS website at

For information on using the BADDS for research purposes, please contact Dr. Jewell at [email protected]

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