We provide a variety of services including psychological evaluation of individuals as well as program evaluation and training. Dedication to evidence based practices is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Jewell Psychological Services is dedicated to the creation, research, and dissemination of evidence-based practices in psychological evaluation and treatment.

What does this mean exactly? It means that we engage in evaluation and treatment practices that have been shown to be most effective through well-designed and controlled scientific research studies.

Why does this matter? Unfortunately, there are many individuals and agencies that provide psychological services that are not evidence-based. This means that either there is no research to show that the practice is effective, research clearly shows that the practice is ineffective, or worst of all research shows that the practice may actually be harmful. To see the Services for Adults page, click here. To see the Services for Youth page, click here. Scroll over the services tab at the top of the page to learn more about specific services offered.

New Encyclopedia Released!

The first work on the topic of its scale, The Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Development is a ten volume piece - offering major theories, key concepts, discoveries, and evidence-based practices of the field.

Dr. Jewell's Kid First & Teen First Treatment Manuals

Kid First and Teen First treatment manuals are now available from Research Press!


Dr. Jewell's research has been published in the leading psychological and criminal justice journals in the world. His publications include nine books, 28 peer reviewed journal articles, 19 invited publications, and several dozen presentations.


The Behaviors and Attitudes Drinking and Driving questionnaire, developed by Dr. Jewell and Dr. Steve Hupp, is the first DUI risk assessment tool that has proven reliability and validity.

Images on this website display models who are not actual clients of Jewell Psychological Services.


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